Soil Excavation Agreement

These are the conditions under which Hibar Court Pty Ltd ACN 073 890 016 als Earthlift Excavations (Earthlift) will provide excavations and other similar services for you (Terms). By accepting the offer and order or by requiring Earthlift to provide services by other means, you agree that you are bound by these conditions. Objects or soil conditions that are undocked during excavation and exceed the capacity of the equipment used for the work are negotiated separately. The buyer/contractor accepts that some soil disturbance will occur near the excavation as a result of the normal operation of the equipment. Landscape repairs are only included separately as part of the excavation contract. 8. It is agreed that the owner will be free to require additional searches if necessary, at the same rate of payment. 13. The contractor accepts that the purchaser/contractor is responsible for the clear identification of all supply suppliers and other tubes and cables prior to excavation, if he is late during this agreement or if he neglects or refuses to unreasonably neglect the work. Unless explicitly stated in the offer or statement of work, all trees, trees and brushes removed during the excavation remain on site. The removal of dirt and repair of the landscape must be a separate position. Authorized person refers to each of your directors, secretaries, associates, senior managers, employees who bear the title “manager” or the word “senior” in their title, or anyone who is actually or implicitly empowered to act on your behalf. Business Day means a day other than Saturday, Sunday or public holiday in the state of Victoria.

Dry Clean Fill means clean filling within the meaning of the Industrial Waste Resources Guidelines issued by EPA Victoria. The royalty plan refers to Earthlift`s royalty schedule, as amended from time to time, which sets certain additional fees that Earthlift may charge them in certain circumstances. GST is important to it under the GST Act. GST Act means the A New Tax System (Goods and Services Tax) Act 1999 (Cth), as amended, different or amended from time to time. Insolvency event refers to an entity, liquidation or liquidation or the appointment of a voluntary director, insolvency administrator or judicial administrator similar to a portion or substantial portion of its assets; either with respect to an individual or a partnership, the act of bankruptcy or the conclusion of a legal system with creditors, or the occurrence of an event having substantially the same effect as one of the above events. Loss means loss, liability, expenses, expenses, damages, fees, penalty, exit or payment. Melbourne Metropolitan Area means the area agreed between the parties as the Melbourne metropolitan area or failing agreement, the area called Melbourne Metropolitan Area by Earthlift. No registration fee means no Start Fee, which is specified in the pricing plan or any other amount by which Earthlift informs them from time to time. The order means any order or request from or for you to Earthlift in order to provide you with the services.

A quote means a quote that Earthlift has made available to you for the provision of services. The rock is important in Australian AS2870-2011: Section 1.8.47, including any material that cannot be easily dug up with a standard trench bucket on a 12-ton Earthlift shovel.

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