Agreement Odoo

During the term of this agreement, Odoo SA undertakes to do everything in its power to correct errors in the software and covered add-ons, which will be corrected by the customer via the corresponding channel (usually the web form or telephone numbers listed on or collaboration with an Odoo partner of the channel provided by the partner) and start processing these contributions within 2 working days. The partner undertakes to pay the partnership fees after receipt of the annual accounts sent by ODOO. The fee shall be fixed in writing at the time of signature of this Agreement. ODOO authorizes the partner to use the brand “Odoo” to promote its products and services only for the duration of this agreement, as long as: this module allows you to manage the agreements, declarations of intent and content of the contract. The module should be used by a company`s legal team and allow them to define sections, clauses and templates with their respective contents, which can be dynamic. The customer acknowledges and accepts that Odoo SA may use third parties (subcontractors) for the processing of personal data to provide the services. Odoo SA undertakes to use subcontractors only in accordance with data protection legislation. This use is covered by a contract concluded between Odoo SA and the subcontractor, which provides guarantees to this effect. The privacy policy of Odoo SA, published on, contains up-to-date information on the names and purposes of the subcontractors currently used by Odoo SA for the performance of the services.

The agreement would go through a workflow to become a contract with the customer`s signature. The Odoo Agreement app does not offer an easy way to access project tasks related to an agreement. Some organizations need to have quick access to project tasks to track the execution of an agreement. (Install agreement_sale to get the configuration settings for them.) Odoo SA undertakes not to transmit individual or designated figures to third parties without the customer`s consent and to process all data collected in accordance with its official privacy policy, published on . . .

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