Cancel My Premium Credit Agreement

Your broker may have ordered us to cancel your credit agreement, so you should check with them to see if your insurance policy is still in place before discussing your insurance premium financing options with them. If you have received correspondence from Close Brothers Premium Finance informing you that your credit agreement has been terminated, please contact your broker. One option is to pay for your insurance in full by debit or credit card. There are no credit or debit card payment fees, but we do not accept American Express. You should also contact Endsleigh if you wish to cancel your insurance policy. To get in touch with us, please visit our contact center. Premium Credit initiates a fee of £10 if they do not receive your credit agreement signed on the date indicated in your welcome letters and emails (usually within 28 days of receiving the agreement). Please respect them to check your deadline. The £10 fee reflects the costs of Premium Credit when you are reminded to return the credit agreement. To change the bank details for the payment of objectors, or change its payment date, please contact Premium Credit Ltd online free of charge at or call 0344 736 9814.

You can also visit your online account to change your payment data. Premium Credit also charges a fee of £20 for each late payment. If you would like to postpone your payment for less than 5 days, please contact Premium Credit on 0344 736 9814. If you need to change your insurance policy, you can find your policy details in our contact center or find out how to change your policy through your online account. You can also talk to us via a live chat on our website. You have the option to indicate a preferred payment date at Premium Credit Limited (via your online account or its contact centre), provided that the payment does not exceed 30 days between one payment and another. Would you like to know more about monthly direct debit payment with Endsleigh? We have answered your FAQs below: Do you want to contact for an extension? Visit our renovation center. When you set up your new policy, the default monthly payment date is your start date. Premium Credit confirms the payment dates directly in writing. If you encounter any difficulties and think they need to be postponed for an extended period of time, please contact our finance department, who is happy to discuss with you on 0333 234 1654 options.

If you would like to update your payment details or payment date, please contact Premium Credit Ltd directly on 0344 736 9814 or visit your online account…

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