Dow Dupont Merger Agreement 2015

Now that the merger is complete, we are focused on finalizing the organizational structures that will form the basis of these three planned strong companies and on enhancing synergies. With a clear focus, market visibility, and more productive research and development, each company being considered will be able to successfully compete as an industry leader. “Only a handful of large chemical companies, including Dow and DuPont, already control most of the seed supply used to grow crops like corn and soybeans,” Wenonah Hauter, chief executive of Food & Water Watch, a nonprofit, said in an electronic statement. “Any merger that consolidates this market in fewer hands will give farmers less choice and penalize them even more economically.” What they invented was what they describe as a merger on an equal footing by assembling DuPont, the 213-year-old inventor of Kevlar, with Dow, the 118-year-old plastics and chemical maker. Shareholders of each company are expected to own half of the newly combined business — called DowDuPont — while the combined company will retain its headquarters in Wilmington, Del., and Midland, Michigan. DowDuPont`s board of directors is expected to have 16 directors consisting of eight current DuPont directors and eight current Dow directors. The full list of directors will be communicated before or in connection with the conclusion of the merger.

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