Yarra Trams Enterprise Agreement

The betrayal of the part-time quota undermines all of THE RTBU`s claims on wages. The terms of the proposed agreement include a 14% wage increase over 4 years, about as much as the cost of living and barely higher than Yarra Trams` long-term offer of 12% over the same period. The agreement allows Yarra Trams to continue to provide a safe and reliable service to our customers, building on the improvements in safety, punctuality and customer service that we have achieved in recent years. Real-time information is provided via the tramTRACKER app® for smartphones, the Twitter account @yarratrams and passenger information displays at the main tram stops. We have offered to meet with the RTBU on a daily basis and remain committed to reaching a fair and reasonable agreement as soon as possible. Yarra Trams, the privatized company responsible for the network in the CBD and the inner suburbs, has battled pressure from the Railway, Tram and Bus Union (RTBU) to negotiate a new trade deal (EBA) aimed at boosting wages and conditions. In reality, the proposed deal amounts to a sales contract drawn up behind closed doors with the participation of the trade union bureaucracy, the leadership of Yarra Trams and representatives of the Victorian Labour government of Prime Minister Daniel Andrews. On the main issue of the dispute – the companies` demands to increase the number of part-time tram workers from 4% to 15% of the workforce – the union capitulated and agreed on 10% part-time workers. Horne said the government`s intervention to stop the Grand Prix strikes was the “catalyst” for the deal. The resistance of tram drivers is already evident on social networks.

On RTBU Victoria`s Facebook page, tram drivers commented on the impact of the part-time concession. “So 2% every few years. After 10-20 years, all part-time,” one of them wrote. Another noted: “All new drivers will now be like the drivers of 20 years ago. Dispensable. Just prove me wrong. 1 more EBA [Enterprise Bargaining Agreement] and I left. We have only maintained or improved the terms of this agreement to provide our employees with a better work-life balance. “RTBU management will now recommend the adoption of compliance officers in its tram department management committee.” We remain committed to a fair and balanced agreement. We are ready to sit down at the negotiating table at any time of the day or night. We remain committed to a fair and balanced agreement. We believe that industrial action is not necessary. Tram workers should demand that the RTBU make accurate calculations on the amount of their wages that will now be reduced as a result of the 10% part-time agreement.

Not surprisingly, this information was not part of the two-page summary of the bureaucracy`s “great victory.” Yarra Trams is ready to sit down at the negotiating table at any time of the day or night to reach an agreement. The union has been fighting for a new EBA for nearly eight months. The old contract expired in 2015. To fight against the sale of the RTBU and to protect and improve working conditions and wages, all tram workers must insist on their democratic right to receive copies of the full agreement, no union summaries and sufficient time to read and discuss the contents. Mass meetings should be convened to allow for maximum discussion. Transport Minister Melissa Horne welcomed the agreement. Credit: Paul Jeffers The announcement “in principle” comes after months of maneuvers between RTBU, Yarra Trams and the Victorian government. The union organised seven limited four-hour closures of Melbourne`s privatised tram system, the world`s largest operating network, in late 2019 and early 2020. .

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