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Custom manufactured carpet inserts for Furman University by McAbee's Carpet
Custom carpet inserts for Furman University project

Students, alumni and others who visit Greenville’s beautiful Furman University campus might have noticed the attention to detail regarding the decor, especially in the newer and remodeled buildings.

There are some nice touches, such as integrating the school’s logo into carpets. McAbee’s is proud to have participated in the most recent projects and many others over the years.

If you are wanting a custom inlaid carpet or rug, we would be happy to talk with you about it. Call us at 864-277-0470 or use the contact form on our website.

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Custom designed bordered rug fabricated for a Greenville customer

Rug with custom border 02Earlier this month we had the pleasure of helping a customer design a unique rug for her living room.  The new rug was part of her home renovation in anticipation of her son getting married next year and all of the entertaining of friends and family that goes along with such an occasion.  After bringing into McAbee’s Custom Carpet her furniture fabrics, we were able to pull some carpet samples for her to take home and view in the room with her home lighting. The customer expressed that she would also like for the rug to have a border of another material that complemented her fabrics but did not want an overall look of an oriental rug.

Rug with custom border 01The carpet materials that were chosen were not sold together as a suggested field material and border, but we chose them as the colors matched and together they made for a beautiful compilation.  Once the ordered materials arrive at McAbee’s Custom Carpet, the rug is fabricated with the border, the edge finished with binding, and a felt pad is cut to cushion underneath.  The customer was thrilled with this one of a kind finished product!