Rug Cleaning

For over forty years McAbee’s Custom Carpet has been known for excellent service to our customers.┬áThis is why they return time and time again for all of their carpet needs.

Rug cleaning is one service we take pride in. Cleaned on site at our North Kings Road location, rugs are meticulously cared for as they are cleaned using a hot water extraction method. We then dry all rugs outside on special drying racks where the sun enhances the rug’s color.

Having your rugs professionally cleaned on a regular basis can only enhance the life of your rugs.

Allow the name that people trust to handle your delicate rugs.


When a rug is washed what is removed from it? According to a research survey of American households, soil on surfaces in the home typically consists of:

  • 45% sand and clays
  • 12% animal protien fibers (urine and otherwise)
  • 12% cellulose fibers
  • 10 % alcohol-soluble particles (resins, gums, fatty acids)
  • 6% ether-soluble particles (fats, oils, rubber, asphalt)
  • 5% gypsum
  • 5% limestone
  • 3% moisture
  • 2% miscellaneous

– Peter F. Stone “Oriental Rug Repair”